Join Technology Review’s high-level, international audience in a unique forum to:

  • Connect with senior-level people in a variety of areas of technology
  • Raise awareness of the issues faced by women pursuing careers in technology
  • Examine existing initiatives to recruit and support women in technological fields
  • Explore practical conclusions to some of the most common barriers facing women in these fields
  • Celebrate female technologists, particularly young innovators such as those honored in our annual TR35 list, and help them to gain levels of recognition similar to those achieved by their male peers

Featured Speakers include:

Click here to view the workshop agenda and breakout sessions.

Register now and take part in this unique event! The workshop will run from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. and will be directly
followed by the opening reception of the 2007 Emerging Technologies (EmTech) Conference at MIT. To learn more about the workshop, download the Women in Technology Workshop Overview.

> Workshop Overview (PDF)

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