Emtech MIT 2011 Media Coverage Highlights

Emtech MIT 2010 Media Coverage Highlights

Sprint Chief Backs Slowing Web Connections for ‘Hogs’ Sept. 22, 2010 Bloomberg
Tech innovators: Mobile app progress requires smarter wireless Sept. 22, 2010 ZDNet
Sprint may consider usage-based pricing Sept. 22, 2010 CNET News
Wireless networks, apps gaining ground in unlikely places Sept. 22, 2010 Computerworld
Qualcomm reveals details of Peanut wireless technology Sept. 22, 2010 IT World
Mini Cell Phone Towers, Big Impact on the Future of Mobile Apps Sept. 23, 2010 Scientific American
Qualcomm's Peanut challenges ZigBee, Bluetooth for control of your personal area network next year Sept. 24, 2010 Engadget
MIT’s radical proposal for an ultra-compact, foldable electric vehicle Sept. 24, 2010 Smart Planet
GE: Solar business is our 'next wind' Sept. 24, 2010 CNET News
Battery technology in spotlight as clean energy debate continues Sept. 24, 2010 ZDNet
‘Lab on a chip’ promises screening results in minutes, not days Sept. 27, 2010 Smart Planet
Augmented reality comes to mobile phones Sept. 29, 2010 CNET News
Energy execs: No 'miracle' in sight on clean energy front Sept. 29, 2010 ZDNet

News Releases

MIT’s Technology Review Reveals the 2010 TR35 List of the Year’s Top Young Innovators Aug. 25, 2010 Business Wire
Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse to Discuss the Future of Wireless and Innovation Enabled by 4G Sept. 16, 2010 Business Wire
10th Annual EmTech@MIT Conference Identifies Key Technology Sectors Primed for Growth Sept. 23, 2010 Business Wire
element14 Partners with EmTech@MIT 2010 To Celebrate Spirit of Innovation Sept. 24, 2010 Business Wire

Emtech MIT 2009 Media Coverage Highlights

Emtech MIT 2008 Media Coverage Highlights

Emtech MIT 2007 Media Coverage Highlights

Emerging Tech at MIT Conference Worth Investigating - Sept. 27, 2007 eWEEK
Brazil's minister of culture calls for free digital society - Sept. 27, 2007 CNET News.com
Simonyi tells programmers to leave the Dark Ages - Sept. 26, 2007 CNET News.com
Q&A: The creators of Digg, StumbleUpon and Netvibes on Web 2.0's future - Sept. 27, 2007 Computerworld
U.S. faces competitive disadvantage from lack of women in tech jobs - Sept. 25, 2007 Computerworld
Emerging Technologies Conference Focuses on Metaverse, Nanoelectronics - Sept. 28, 2007 Design News
Parallel Processing Deemed ‘Next Big Thing' - Sept. 26, 2007 eWEEK
Are we already moving on from traditional social networking? - Sept. 27, 2007 Fortune
Tech giants chart research goals - Sept. 26, 2007 InfoWorld
Social-media pros: We're just getting started - Sept. 26, 2007 CNET
In search of intentional software - Sept. 26, 2007 ZDNet  

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Innovating in America Today - Sept. 27, 2007 NPR On Point Radio 

Press Releases

Leaders from Established and Emerging Industries to Gather at EmTech ConferenceJuly 10, 2007
EmTech Conference to Explore the Next Big Ideas Coming from Top Enterprise LabsJuly 24, 2007
EmTech Conference to Showcase Game-Changing Technologies,
Innovators and Emerging Industries
August 7, 2007
Technology Review Unveils the 2007 Humanitarian and Innovator of the YearAugust 15, 2007
Technology Review Reveals the 2007 TR35 List of the 35 Top Innovators Under 35August 15, 2007
EmTech Conference to Explore Issues Facing Women in Technological FieldsAugust 28, 2007
Industry Leaders Gather to Discuss Future of Technology and Business at EmTechSept. 14, 2007
nTag Teams with MIT's Technology Review, Sponsors EmTech ConferenceSept. 19, 2007
Veodia to Broadcast EmTech Conference Live from MITSept. 25, 2007
Industry Leaders and Innovators Gather at MIT for EmTech07Sept. 25, 2007

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