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Once you create your username and password, you will have access to the videos from the EmTech video page and will not need to log in again. If you log out, just go to to log in again, and your videos will become accessible.

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The videos are not available for download.

What are the system requirements necessary to watch?
Quicktime 7.0 is required to watch the videos. Please view this test to ensure that your system is compatible.

What if I can’t watch the videos?
Please be sure to complete the system test (link) before you purchase any videos; no refunds will be offered.

What is your refund policy?
Once you purchase a session or sessions, you will not be eligible for a refund.

I’m having trouble watching the videos.
Whom do I contact? Please e-mail or call 617-475-8000.


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    Technology Review

    RT @tsimonite: Google's answer to Siri draws on what the company knows about you to predict what you want  09/28/2012 03:21 PM

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    What? You've never read Herr's "Dispatches"? Here's a fairly typical passage:  09/28/2012 01:17 PM

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