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The Brave Little Toaster

By Cory Doctorow

One day, Mister Toussaint came home to find an extra 300 euros' worth of groceries on his doorstep. So he called up Miz Rousseau, the grocer, and said, "Why have you sent me all this food? My fridge is already full of delicious things. I don't need this stuff and besides, I can't pay for it."

But Miz Rousseau told him that he had ordered the food. His refrigerator had sent in the list, and she had the signed order to prove it.

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Loney Islands

By Tobias Buckell

You know the city, now. Twenty thousand people, many of them trapped in rustbelt Ohio. For generations.

You saw the footage of the super-tornado. Saw that seven story building downtown with its facade peeling off into the air like wheat chaff. Rows of houses ripped up with nothing but bare earth behind: the storm's grim harvest.

But sometimes in destruction is a chance to change direction. To do something creative that wasn't possible before.

These Ohioans declared independence. Solar roofs. Wind turbines. Bike lanes. When they outlawed cars, though, shit hit the fan.

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