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Tracking innovative technologies appearing in commercial products.


Desktop Cancer Check

A device that analyzes blood levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is one of the first doctor's-office uses of microfluidics.

Watch the Hand

The PlayStation controller uses a lighted globe at the end of a wand to precisely place a character in three-dimensional space.

Body Tracker

This device makes it possible to control game elements entirely through body movements.

Into the Clouds

A subscription service makes it possible to play graphics-intensive games without bulky consoles or high-powered computers.

Boss on Wheels

A tele­presence robot, called Anybot, glides on two wheels around an office or factory to let workers videoconference with the boss.

Disposable EEG

This disposable EEG array is so easy to use that medical staff with no extra training can fit it to the scalp in about five minutes.

Designing Genes

New software makes it easy to design genes from scratch, and displays schematics.

Touch Screen Touch-up

When applied over glass displays, these transparent conducting films make better touch screens for smart phones and tablet computers.

Smarter Charger

Most chargers continue to consume power even when they are not in use, but the Zero Charger eliminates this waste by turning itself off.

Green Light

The 12-watt EnduraLED, a replacement for a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Zapping Asthma

Patients who have asthma that is not controlled by drugs may benefit from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approval of the Alair medical device.

Bomb Detector

The Acro Explosives Testers are a set of disposable pen-size devices capable of detecting mere micrograms of most common explosives.

Stay Connected

The PHS300S portable hotspot lets more people bring their laptops on vacation.

Stay Entertained

The Soulra sound system for iPods and iPhones relies on a high-efficiency solar panel to power the speakers and recharge the music player.

Stay Powered

USB-enabled devices (or two AA batteries) can be recharged with this solar charger, which features thin, lightweight, flexible solar cells.

Stay Cool

The Handy Cooler is a personal air conditioner that uses an evaporative cooling system.

Drop that Doughnut!

Autom is an automated coach designed to help people stick to a diet and exercise routine.

Electric Delivery

The eStar was designed from the chassis up as an electric vehicle for use in cities.

Solar Cost ­ Cutter

A highly reflective thin film made of microlayers of silver and copper, protected by a polymer and backed with adhesive, could cut the cost of solar thermal power plants by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Wireless Home Theater

Netgear is commercializing a system that can send multiple jitter-free full-HD video streams wirelessly throughout a home.

Fuel-Cell Power Boost

A new fuel cell is 50 times as powerful as any other product that generates electricity from liquid methanol, thanks to improved catalyst and membrane technologies.

Selecting Embryos

A new test analyzes the proteins and small-molecule metabolites in the fluid surrounding each embryo and compares the resulting metabolic profile with that of a healthy embryo.

One Box to Rule Them All

A new set-top box grabs content from broadcast channels, cable stations, and the Web, making it easy to watch anything, anytime, from any source, on a home television.

Fan pack

The first practical jetpack-like gadget to reach market might find its first applications among emergency personnel who need to reach remote areas.

See-Through mp3 player

A handheld media player is the first to sport a see-through active-matrix OLED touch screen.

Glowing Light Discs

Lighting maker Osram is introducing its first white-light products using OLEDs.

3-D Movie Camera

Making 3-D films involves shooting scenes from two slightly different angles, a task that once required a 450-pound camera system moved by machinery.A new model weighs just seven pounds and is the first professional-quality camcorder to combine all the necessary components for 3-D filmmaking.

Bigger OLED TV

The largest OLED TV to reach market has a screen measuring 15 diagonal inches--beating an 11-inch model offered by Sony--and is just three millimeters thick.

Projected MultiTouch Screen

This interactive projector transforms any flat surface into a multitouch screen.

Graphic Graphene

This conductive ink is one of the first products on the market to incorporate graphene, a sheet of carbon just one atom thick.

Bionic Finger

Patients who have lost one or more fingers can now replace their missing digits with powered artificial fingers.

Speed Sensor

The bulky horn antenna of a traditional radar gun has been compressed down to a square panel about 40 millimeters on a side.

Hydrogen on Demand

A Hydrofill refueling station that lets users make their own fuel.

Toy Drone

Instead of using a traditional remote, this flying toy can be controlled by any iPod Touch or iPhone running special software.

Digital Leash

Travelers who worry about leaving their phone in a hotel room or airport will like this small Bluetooth device designed to be worn on a keychain.

TV on the Go

This TV receiver takes advantage of a new mobile TV standard that allows good reception of digital TV broadcasts even in a moving vehicle.

Plastic Paper

Aimed at business users, the Que e-reader uses a 266.7-millimeter display from E Ink, based on the same sort of technology used in the Kindle.

Faster Portable Drive

With USB 3.0, the next generation of the popular USB standard for connecting peripherals, this portable hard drive can transfer data up to three times as fast as USB 2.0 drives can.

Pocket Projector

The MPro150 is designed for those times when the screen of a laptop or iPhone just isn't big enough.

Wireless Power

The Powermat Portable is intended for travelers who are tired of lugging around a collection of chargers for mobile devices.

Hybrid Moped

The ET-120 is billed as the first commercial hybrid two-wheeled vehicle.

Scan and Listen

Plastic Logic Device Showcases Organic Transistors

New e-reader is the first product to use them.

Google Reveals Its New Phone

The Web giant launches an online store to distribute Android-based cell phones.

Bringing Color to E-Readers

Several models capable of playing video are just around the corner.

Upgrading the Laptop's Touch Pad

A company says sophisticated gestures will reduce dependence on keyboards.


Extracting your own DNA with this kit is interesting enough, but it also lets you mix up a bottle of ink incorporating your genetic material, for the ultimate in forgery-proof signatures.

Tough Phone

Built to military standards, the Rock phone can survive being dropped, shocked, drowned, and baked to 85 °C. It also features a pedometer, thermometer, tide calculator, and GPS.

Go Home to Rovio

You can control the Rovio robot over the Web or set it to patrol your home autonomously. Video from the robot's camera can be relayed anywhere in the world.

TV Tennis, Anyone?

Go back to 1975 and the dawn of the home-video-game era, and build a Pong clone with this kit (bring your own soldering iron).

Chemical Recipes

A molecular-gastronomy kit can be used to create six unusual desserts, including red fruit juice caviar and sparkling soft toffees.

Keeping an Eye on Electricity

The edot is a smart-meter display that can be stuck directly onto most appliances with a built-in magnet.

Making 3-D Pop

The G51J laptop allows most games to be played in 3D using built-in graphics hardware that operates with LCD shutter glasses.

USB over the Air

The first wireless USB hard drive is finally on the market, boasting a capacity of 1.5 terabytes and a data transfer rate of up to 15 megabytes per second.

More Bits for the Buck

X4 flash memory chips can store four bits per memory cell instead of the two bits per cell of conventional chips

Get a Charge on the Go

A new backpack is one of a line of sports bags and packs that incorporate flexible solar cells to charge mobile devices.

TV on The Go, Faster Peripherals, and Wireless Power

Three overshadowed technologies from CES.

Harvesting Heat

CO2 Emissions Monitor



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