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Better Batteries

The lack of efficient and dependable batteries limits the development of everything from electronics to hybrid vehicles. But new designs are offering better, safer alternatives.


GM to Build Its Own Batteries

Just as the company makes engines, it will now make battery packs for electric cars.

Better Batteries Charge Up

A startup reports progress on a battery that stores more energy than lithium-ion ones.

An Electrifying Startup

A new lithium-ion battery from A123 Systems could help electric cars and hybrids come to dominate the roads.

A Cheaper Battery for Hybrid Cars

New lead-acid batteries could achieve high performance.

Longer-Lasting Batteries for Laptops

New materials improve the reliability, safety, and storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

A New Deal for EEStor

A delayed battery technology may indeed be on the way.

Battery Breakthrough?

A Texas company says it can make a new ultracapacitor power system to replace the electrochemical batteries in everything from cars to laptops.

Safer, Higher-Capacity Batteries

Silver-zinc battery chemistry could replace lithium ion in laptops and other electronics--if such batteries can be made cheaply enough.

New Batteries Readied for GM's Electric Vehicle

The technologies behind the battery packs for the GM Volt are being tested and could be ready within a year.

Super-Charging Lithium Batteries

Nanowire electrodes could improve the performance of electric vehicles.

A Blended Battery Pack for Cars

Combining different battery technologies could improve vehicle performance and reduce costs.

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Less

Researchers show a low-cost route to making materials for advanced batteries in electric cars and hybrids.

Virus-Assembled Microbatteries

Researchers at MIT used a virus to assemble two major components of a working microbattery.

Electric Cars Primer

Hybrids, plug-ins, and extended-range electric cars are hitting the market. Use this interactive primer to learn how they work.

A Better Battery for Laptops

Boston-Power ramps up production of its long-lasting battery.

Flexible Batteries That Never Need to Be Recharged

European researchers have built prototypes that combine plastic solar cells with ultrathin, flexible batteries. But don't throw away your battery recharger just yet.

Self-Assembling Batteries

By measuring nanoscale forces, researchers learn to make lithium-ion batteries that pull themselves together.

Powering GM's Electric Vehicles

Recent advances in battery chemistry and systems design could lead to working prototypes by year's end.

Safer, Longer-Lasting Batteries

Thin-film technology is still expensive, but it could soon run remote sensors and medical implants--and one day electric vehicles.

Better Lithium-ion Batteries

A startup says its solid polymer electrolytes will mean cheaper, more-reliable batteries.

IBM Battery

The company hopes to develop powerful, lightweight lithium-air batteries.

Packing More into Lithium Batteries

Lithium sulfur promises a longer charge, and safer operation, compared to standard lithium batteries.

A Guide to Recent Battery Advances

Battery breakthroughs could lower costs and improve performance for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage--but commercializing these new technologies will be challenging.



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